iPhone 4 Hardware Problems: Consumer Reports Analysis

By Alan Ng - Jul 13, 2010

Some interesting news to report on the iPhone 4 reception problems now, as Consumer Reports has concluded in their analysis that the issues with the antenna are actually hardware related and not software as stated by Apple.

As reported from BGR, Consumer Reports has just completed their recent study on the iPhone 4 and waste no time in giving a verdict on the latest issues with the handset.

The very first statement during their video report includes the lines: ”Consumer Reports engineers have confirmed that the iPhone 4 ‘has’ an antenna problem.”

They call the problem a ‘design flaw’ and also do not recommend any customer to buy the phone until it is fixed. For iPhone 4 owners who continue to suffer from the problem, CR also advises customers to use a duct tape solution to reduce the signal bar problem.

Watch it below and let us know your thoughts on it.

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  • Darrin

    Its sad iPhone HD is such a great product and possible the best phone on the market until they rushed the 4g with this being as serious as it is they will lose millions.It's a disappointment that they would blame it on AT&T and the software.

  • Darrin

    Its crazy you would think with Apple being who thay are that they would notice a simple mistake and fix before shipment but they blame it on AT&T service and a software problem. disappointment love Apple