iPhone 4 Consumer Reports: Will you still buy?

The recent review on the iPhone 4 by Consumer Reports has gained intense media coverage over the last few hours. We told you how Apple were banning it’s users from talking about the subject on their official forums, but how seriously are you taking the Consumer Reports article?

If you haven’t seen their video report, you can watch it again here and find out what all the fuss is about. For a brief summary, they stated that the iPhone 4 definitely has an antenna problem, and the most specific aspect of their review was the part where they advised consumers ‘not’ to buy the handset until problems are fixed.

What are your thoughts on this though? As far as we know, the reception problems are still non-existant for some users, but it is pretty obvious that this is becoming a widespread problem and something that Apple can’t ignore.

I guess we’ll find out more answers once they release their patch update, but tell us this: Has Consumer Reports’ latest review changed your mind about buying an iPhone 4?

We’ve created a poll for you to have your say.

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