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HTC EVO 4G: Sprint 4G Speeds – Rollout Update

We have some good news for some HTC EVO 4G owners out there who are still waiting for the rollout of 4G data speeds in your area, as Sprint has announced that they have increased the availability of 4G in a number of new areas.

As reported from Phandroid, EVO owners in New York, California, Washington and Eugene to name a few, should be delighted to hear that you can now access 4G speeds from around 3-6Mbps.

Sprint also confirmed that they are working on extending their 4G rollout to include places like Miami and Los Angeles. They have included a full list of the new cities that have access to 4G speeds, as well as cities that will receive the update soon.

You’ll find the list in their press release over at Phandroid. Are you now in a 4G supported area? Let us know your thoughts on the news.


  • Joe

    I have been using 4g on and off in the Philly area, I was happy to see speed tests reach 5.5- 6mbs with my Evo 4g. A great phone in every way.


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