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HTC EVO 4G / Incredible Shortage: Droid X Advantage

There are three Android smartphones that matter, the HTC EVO 4G, the Droid Incredible and the upcoming Droid X from Motorola. The EVO is a very popular smartphone, but the recent news that there are shortages is seen as a huge advantage to the upcoming Google Android handset.

The shortage of the Incredible and the EVO will be music to Motorola’s ears. Who would have thought two years ago Moto would have the best selling Android handset – the original Droid?

Debbie Turner from Only Kent sourced her news from Jared Newman at PC World saying that delivery dates for the HTC Droid Incredible have been put back to August 9th, with the EVO 4G delayed until the forcible future.

This is certainly a huge blow for HTC one that Apple and Motorola will benefit from. HTC had hoped to ship a few more units before the Droid X gets released – it now looks as though that will not happen.

HTC has already spoken to WSJ about their supply problems, they are now working hard on finding another supping for their displays – this is the one component that is in short supply.


  • Oh well

    So long as Samsung is the sole supplier of OLED screen and Samsung has an interest in promoting its own Galaxy S, good luck to HTC in solving the supply shortage problem.

  • John

    Nearly all the news outlets, including this one, are reporting/or/mentioning a false statement about Droid Incredible shipments.

    The false statement comes into being where it's reported that "delivery dates for the HTC Droid Incredible have been pushed back to ……(pick a date)…"

    If you order a Droid Incredible, as of the date you order the product will arrive within one month or less. If you order in June, you get the product in July, if you order in July, you get the product in August, same with April, June…etc
    The Verizon Droid Incredible is shipping on a nearly one month backlog.

    If you check the Droid forums, people are getting their phones approximately one month or less after ordering. People who ordered in May, got a phone in June, those ordering in June, got their phone in July or less.

    I ordered a Droid Incredible on 06/14 and just received it today 07/13.

    Try to find someone who ordered a Droid in May and has been given a shipment date of August. Happy hunting.

  • Oleg

    Why does author forget about Samsung Galaxy S?


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