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HTC 1 Concept Image: The Future of the Smartphone?

A designer by the name of Andrew Klim has recently put together some renders of what he thinks HTC’s future smartphones may look like, you can see a wide-range of renders here, however we have also embedded one image at the end of this post.

The concept is pretty imaginative, not only the physical design but also the handset’s user interface, which appears to have a very streamlined and simplistic look.

In terms of physical design features the HTC 1 is pretty unique, in the renders Klim shows an integrated kickstand, this kickstand can be used to use the handset as a modern-looking alarm clock. One other neat feature is a UV light which kills germs on the display when charging.

If you check out the source link below you can see a wide-range of renders showing the HTC 1’s design and interface. Do you like the look of the HTC 1 concept? Which features do you like the sound of?

Source: DesignFabulous


  • KSykora

    This is exactly the kind of phone I've been waiting for. If it becomes reality I would be ecstatic. The simplicity, elegance and quality are enough to win me over. But the idea of an operating system that does what it is supposed to do and a phone that isn't designed from the outset to become outmoded and replaceable… unfortunately some of the phones best features are more vice than virtue to a company desiring to turn a profit. Fingers crossed though!


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