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Gran Turismo 5: PS4 Title not PS3

We have been waiting for Gran Turismo 5 since the Sony PS3 first came on the scene, but Polyphony Digital has been working round the clock to get the game ready in time for November 2010. However, there seems to be a constant issue with the ultimate racing sim – the fact that it would be more suited for the PS4.

The developer has said on a number of occasions that Gran Turismo 5 is a game more suited for the next-generation of PlayStation console. The reason for this is the fact that the game has so much depth and quality that the PS3 could struggle to do the game justice.

This bold claim came from Kaz Yamauchi, the Gran Turismo creator over at Polyphony Digital that’s according to an article over on CVG. There is said to be 200 new cars in this new racing game – we just hope that it has been worth the long wait?

Yamauchi said that so much detail has gone into each car, and it seems that the limit of the PS3 has been reached with the development of Gran Turismo 5. This game certainly sounds as if it will be special.


  • Forza 3 is a decent enough racing game…but that is all it is. GT5 is the pinnacle of 6 years development by people who historically know how to unlock the power of Sony consoles…and we all know the PS3 has deeper depths than the X360 just waiting to be unlocked. By Monday, I should be able to tell you for real…as I just got my GT5 despatch email.

  • Luke

    Just get Forza 3 its way better

  • Puta Madre

    Bull crap! Just delay the game already! There is no release date and it is only for PS4!LOL.jk.

    Last year I thought GT5 will be released last spring 09,then summer 09,then november 09, then spring 2010 and now a new release date which is November 2010…screw this game! i’ll get COD Black Ops and Vanquish instead!

  • zing

    Malachi – if you want a console to break repeatedly while you're using it – just buy an xbox.

    • Michael

      HAHAHA True…. So true!

  • Malachi


    Take the machine to its limit. I want smoke rising from my ps3 when I play this thing.

  • Mark

    I don't get the myth that Gran Turimso 5 was been delayed. Neither Sony or Polyphonic have ever give a date and the full Gran Turismo releases (not the prologues) have always turned up 4-5 years into the consoles life. This is also true of GT5.

    I think what has happened is consumers are just more impatient and used to rushed out botched products and games that Microsoft release.

  • Steve



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