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Final Fantasy XIV: Xbox 360 Development Cancelled – Reasons Why

Are you wondering why the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV MMO title won’t be appearing on the Xbox 360 console? We have some new comments from Square Enix now which might help to clear up the confusion.

As reported from VG247, Hiromichi Tanaka, Square’s director for the upcoming game has revealed that it was actually Microsoft who were proving to be the stumbling block for a release on the console.

After the successful release of FFXIII on the Xbox 360, many were hoping that Square would also be bringing XIV to the 360, but Microsoft had other ideas.

According to Tanaka, Microsoft didn’t want to do a deal with Square, due to the game’s use of Xbox Live. Microsoft were not keen on opening up their Live service for an MMO, despite the fact that they previously had a Final Fantasy MMO on their books in FFXI.

Tanaka also confirmed that Xbox 360 development on the game has now been cancelled, meaning that the game will now release on PC and PS3 only – The closed beta has just begun for PC gamers, just to remind you.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you surprised or not?


  • brboscia

    That's just lame, I don't see what the big deal is about playing with people not on live. What does that mean since you can't see the players rating that are going to eat you alive. >.<

  • LoBalSuai

    Ask if those laid off developers from the 360 version can help get ps3 sooner!!!

  • Ryan

    Square Enix can **** off. They allow Sony to say FFXIV will be an exclusive just for them to say "No, it's coming out on PC as well". THEN they delay the PS3 version and NOW they want to release it on the Xbox 360 as well?! I'm glad Microsoft has blocked them. Maybe now they'll start working on getting the current versions out as close together as possible instead of crying over lost money.

    • Avdi

      If FFXI came out for PC first then the PS2. Then of course FFXIV will come out for PC first as well then the PS3. Give them a break because there a lot of things they have to do for the console MMO’s to make it even (try to).

    • Jah

      Ugh.. you are such a retard… no wonder why i drink

  • fuck microsoft

  • Tim

    That’s sad. If PS3 turns the tide, it will be because of game-envy.

  • John

    I can't believe how weak XBL is as a platform. Too weak to support Xbox 180 games, too weak to handle more than 100 friends! Too weak to host a mmo now too? You wonder if a gentle breeze in Redmond, WA would topple the whole network.

    For a paid service, I would have expected 1000x better. And that's a precise multiplier. I have an xbox (love it), but can't pay for xbl considering how it is. Really, it should be free anyway.


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