Facebook: Who really owns it?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is facing a tough time with claims that Paul D. Ceglia owns an 84 percent stake in the social networking website. Ceglia claims that he signed a contract back in 2003 with Zuckerberg to design and then develop the popular site.

It is alleged that the original contract entitled Ceglia to a 50 percent stake in Facebook and a $1000 fee. Cnet News learned this news from a recent Supreme Court filing. The suit goes on further, stating that Zuckerberg would pay an extra 1 percent each day until the website was finished.

Facebook has asked the courts to dismiss the claim; Judge Thomas Brown has since issued a temporary restraining order, which means that there is a block of any transfer of assets.

As you would imagine Facebook has claimed that this case is meaningless. This is not the first time that Ceglia has made bold claims; we just wonder how much truth there is in this one?
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