Facebook Acquire NextStop: Integrated Travel Guides Coming?

Have you ever used NextStop? If so, you may have been impressed by the web-based service for sharing travel guides and recommendations with others, it seems as if Facebook were also fans of the service, so much so that they have acquired the company.

Exactly what Facebook wants to do with NextStop is currently unclear, however experts expect the NextStop staff to join Facebook, to perhaps add similar services to Facebook mobile.

If you use NextStop there are a few things you must know, firstly the site will shutdown on September 1st, secondly you will be able to export your content beforehand, and thirdly no NextStop user’s personal information will be shared with Facebook.

I’m sure over the next few weeks Facebook’s plans for NextStop will become more apparent, therefore we will do our best to keep you posted, for more info check out the link below. Also if you check out the NextStop homepage you can hear their official announcement.

Are you a NextStop user? If so, do you think the acquisition will be a good thing for Facebook? What services do you expect to see added?

Source: IntoMobile


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