App Inventor: Will You Create Android Apps?

By Peter Chubb - Jul 13, 2010

The inventor of the Google app believes that it is not only devs who can develop an app, which is why he has enabled them to do just that. He said that these non-coders could create working Android apps by “connecting a series of “blocks.” This went live on Monday.

Pete Cashmore from Mashable reports that only those who apply via a form will have the chance to create their own Android app that’s, which he learned from NYTimes. This could be a turning point for Android, we know that the service is open source – so we could begin to see a number of specialized apps.

Android Market is still a long way behind Apple’s App Store, but this latest development could help the former reduce the margin. What else will help is how Android Market has no approval process – something that has stopped a number of useful applications making their way to the iPhone.

Cashmore does fear that the influx of apps from non-coders could come at a cost – quality. If this does work, then we are certain that Apple will be keeping a close eye developments. We recently reported that Android has the highest percentage of free apps.

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  • c0de

    When i heard about i fill out the Form, until that day (2 days b4) i look all two hours if i maybe already can login… i hope i can get in fast… i have so many ideas!!! xD

    And Java, sure maybe it WAS a good language, but i dont wanna learn something somebody really own with all rights… thats kind of stupid… Would you learn a language you maybe arent allowed to use in 1 or 2 years??? ^^

    This Idea is so great, the Screens look Awsome… and it looks like somebody like me, who normally loves programming, also could have many fun with it!!!

    @google LET ME IN!!! 🙁