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Verizon iPhone and AT&T Positives

At the start of this month we gave you an update on the Verizon iPhone release date, an article asking you what you would prefer, the Motorola Droid 2 or Verizon iPhone 4, with 52% voting Droid 2, followed this.

Today we wanted to show you an article by LA News Monitor, which takes a look at Verizon’s shares being overvalued and AT&T’s shares undervalued, and then asks if the Verizon iPhone is to blame.

Since the rumors started again about a Verizon iPhone, and certain credible websites stating it may release in January 2011, AT&T’s shares have taken a bit of a fall. This has led some analysts to claim AT&T shares are a better buy than Verizon.

The fear of large numbers of customers moving to Verizon Wireless, if the network gets the iPhone is very real, but does this possibility carry much weight? Some analysts argue this idea is “overblown”. Do you agree?

Jennifer Fritzsche – Wells Fargo analyst – says that AT&T shares are better than Verizon going into the second-quarter. We are yet to see the full scare of the problem for AT&T, and this will likely be shown if/when the iPhone exclusivity ends.

Read the full article on, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Are you positive about AT&T?


  • Ken G

    Apple should release the iPhone to other networks, else it will suffer the fate of the Mac – a good computer but second in popularity to Windows PC's due to Apple shortsightedly restricting it.

    I'm in the UK at the moment – Iphone 4 is available with (Depending on network – its available on many) a 25 UK Pound (@ $38 ) a maonth plan or cash back on signing contract.

    Amazing thing, open competition.

  • Irene

    I've lusted after the iPhone practically since day one, but because of AT&T's notoriously awful coverage, I've opted to keep my cheapie Blackberry. If the iPhone goes to Verizon, I will be the first in line to get it. If it does not, I'll just call it a wash, go to Verizon anyway, and will get a Droid. Droid is a distant but viable second choice for me. Reception in places where I really need reception is far more important.


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