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Verizon faces iPhone 4 with competitive Droid X TV ads

The consumer should always love a bit of competition between brands and companies, which is why consumers need a Verizon iPhone 4, and AT&T’s exclusivity to end. The UK had the iPhone opened up to other networks, and consumers love the choice that offers.

We have seen Verizon facing off with Apple’s iPhone before, but some fresh Droid X TV ads are continuing the competitive atmosphere. Droid X will be shipping this Thursday, and IT World Canada has taken a look at the edgy TV ads, and the messages they are sending to the tech users.

The competition will pull out all the stops to be number one, and as Matt Hamblen from reports, this includes focusing on any weaknesses the competitor has, including iPhone 4’s antenna problems.

One analyst at Yankee Group feels that the Droid X will “appease the enterprise IT guy”, and good battery life, expandable storage, enterprise security features, and the Android 2.2 Froyo upgrade will only help this.

Are you on the fence between Droid X and iPhone 4? What will tip the scales for you? Read the full story here, and let us know your thoughts.



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