Venezuela Banking Rumor Tweets: Twitter crime

There have been two arrests in a crime that involves a Venezuela banking rumor that was spread on the micro-blogging site Twitter, by a number of tweets. Two people have been arrested by the Venezuelan police, as their intention was to destabilize the country’s banking system.

This certainly shows how powerful a thing the whole social media side of the Internet is. There have been things like this spread on the Internet before – but it is the spread at which rumors on sites like Twitter that now make it a much bigger problem.

Daniel Wallis from Reuters Canada picks up on the fact that the Venezuelan banking system is normally a strong one, but these rumors via tweets had an affect on savers fearful of an imminent disaster. Spreading rumors like this is a serious crime, one that has seen two people arrested for doing so.

Popularity of Twitter has seen an explosion in Venezuela, so something like this was bound to happen – it seems that people do not mind tweeting about rumors – even if they know that what they are saying is not true. For more details on the legal side of this issue visit the link above.



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