Renault Recall: Model Affected and Recall Start Date

We have more recall news to tell you about now, this time it affects French car makers Renault. After recalls for both Ford and Chrysler, Renault are recalling over 59,000 vehicles in their South Korean unit.

As reported from AFP, this is a voluntary recall and is due to a problem involving faulty gas-emitting valves in fuel tanks according to Renault.

There is only one model affected, and it is the SM3 compact Sedan, specifically produced between May 6 last year and June 15 this year.

According to the transport ministry, Renault’s recall will commence on July 28th. Here is a statement from a Renault spokesperson regarding the matter:

“The problem is not too severe but we are taking the precautionary measure for the safety of passengers”

Do you own a SM3 compact Sedan? Let us know your thoughts on the news.



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