New Kinect for Xbox 360: 4 reasons for failure

By Peter Chubb - Jul 12, 2010

Since Microsoft announced its new Kinect motion-sensor for the Xbox 360 it seems to have had negative press – something that fans of the console will not be happy about. There are a number of reasons why some have said that this latest device will lead to failure – Tadhg Kelly from Gamasutra offers 4 reasons.

The first reason is because Kinect is not that precise, these could be its Achilles heal – how can you have a motion-sensing device that is not good at tracking your body movement? There are fears that Kinect will be played for a bit when users first get it, but will then be left on the shelf or in a draw somewhere for most of its existence.

The second reason is the games that support Kinect, it seems that they have been designed just to work and not how well they look. This is something that users will pick up on most.

The third reason is people’s perception that this is just another Nintendo Wii clone. We love to have a laugh with our consoles, which is why I have a Wii. However, all the years that I have owned one I must have played it about 10 times max, that’s in two years – this could happen to the Kinect.

The final reason why Kelly believes that the Kinect for the Xbox 360 will fail is because Microsoft has lost their focus. They recently did this with the Kin handsets – we just wonder it they will now make a habit of this failure?

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  • Siegfried

    Wow, what a failure! I think m$ is going down big time! Lol

  • Guest

    Thanks everyone, I needed a laugh. I have a Wii, a 360 and a PS3. I have certainly played my Wii more than 10 times in two years. Each console has it's strengths and weaknesses and it's own personality and so does each gamer. I am a chick gamer and while I play FPS, I got my 360 initially to play Rock Band (Wii was crap at the time re downloads – I understand it has gotten marginally better). Xbox is more than FPS (yes PS3 has Rock Band / Guitar Hero too). And Wii has also had it's failings in accuracy and is notoriously weak in graphics. Am I running out to get a Kinetic? No. Will I get one when the bugs are worked out and there are more games using the technology? You betcha.

  • PS3wannabe

    This article is right on. Kinect will be an epic failure for many reasons. Yes it will be appealing for certain applications, but Move will beat it in those area's easily.

    The biggest reasons not to own a Kinect is simple. Xbox 360 is the most unreliable console in the history of gaming.

    On top of that xbox is the only console that is pay to play. Now $60/year, that's $300 every 5 years, essentially rebuying the most unreliable console in history of gaming every 5 years.

    Then Xbox is focused on FPS, well you can't shoot without a button and from the Forza video you can't accelerate or brake either.

    Also kinect is focused to kids, well no parent wants to buy a 360 for their young children, they want to get move and ps3 for blu ray and precise movement ability.

    Also ps3 can stream netflix no add charge. Xbox you have to pay M$ $60/year to have the "right" to purchase a subscription to Netflix.

  • PS3wannaBe

    Kinect will fail hard. Xbox 360 is dependent on First Person Shooters, or even just shooters in general.
    Well you can't shoot with kinect as it has no button. Also I saw a video demo of Forza, well that failed hard, the guy was steering but no accelerate or brake, LOL. Also Kinect is the most inaccurate of the 3 options with PS Move being #1 in accuracy, graphics & hard core games.

  • The Kinected Gamer

    Seriously? This product hasn't even released and you have no evidence to prove that its going to fail. It has two cameras which can detect 3-D depth perception. And hardcore gamers, give it time, I mean seriously, you don't want Microsoft to rush you out a crappy hardcore game, like something nintendo would do, I am a big hardcore gamer, but its nice to be able to have a game that the family can enjoy with me and when friends come over, all they have to do is hop in front of the kinect, instead of having to teach them every little move of a game, they can learn on their own. November 4th, Microsoft will prove all you haters wrong, I believe we just can't imagine the technology yet so until then lets all just be quiet and play some Halo or Call of Duty.

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    • RoadShow

      Wow, you are soo wrong and I can't believe you don't even know it. Just look up some of the video's on youtube, that shows the inaccuracy and epic failure of Xbox Kinect. Even Milo was staged, this is a new low, even for M$.

      Xbox is a rip off in the first place, without this garbage being released. This artical is right on the money, xbox is 1 epic failure after another. RROD was 1. Wifi extra $100 was another. Scratching disks is another one, paying to play online is yet another one.

      Even Wii has a browser and ability to stream netflix. And on 360 to stream anything you have to pay M$ $60/year, that's re-buying your $300 console every 5 years! Paying for online play and the RIGHT to PAY SOMEONE ELSE TO STREAM.

      Xbox is a scam, everything they do is just to get money out of your pocket, xbox 360 is also the most unreliable gaming console in the HISTORY of gaming.

      Too many reasons not to support xbox and too many reasons to support Nintendo or Sony.

  • Klatu

    Here's why the Kinect will fail. This fail was captured on video, in all it's embarrassing glory.

  • justanexer

    LOL. This article is pretty funny. Core gamers don't seem to like kinect but, every non 'core' gamer i've talked to is more than a little interested in it. And pretty much all the 'core' gamers that I know regardless of their opinion of Kinect is planning on picking one up because, their kids and/or wife/partner want it. Kinect isn't going to fail no matter how much 'nerd-rage' core's put into slamming it.

  • john

    Is this where internet is headed? Bunch of MSFT haters doing product reviews of unreleased products. I am stunned by the quality of these writers. Really, they should be put to sleep. Replace them with monkeys and you can get better traffic. My god. Peter Chub has a manjina

  • bazzerk

    I'm not a fan and certainly won't be getting one, but I have to say this article is a load of rubbish. I have seen plenty of articles stating they love Kinect and various articles saying it is actually very precise, one such article was by T3. I don't care for any of this motion sensor stuff but I do care when people people write a bunch of lies.

  • lol