Maserati introduce smaller Quattroporte for 2015

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 12, 2010

So you fancy yourself in a 4-door Maserati ?, well your choice is slightly limited, you either get the option of a GranTurismo which is not a contender being a 2-door Coupe, the GranCabrio again not fitting the bill, or the Quattroporte.

Now the Quattroporte is an excellent car, but perhaps either abit too big, and maybe just out of your price range. You think your stuck, but fear not as a Motor Trend reports that a baby version of the Quattroporte will be available sometime around 2015.

With Maserati’s plans to enter more mainstream markets, the exotic auto manufacturer is set to expand its range with a challenger aimed at the BMW 5 series. Rumour also suggests that the new arrival could be all-wheel drive and more eco-friendly. Starting price should be around the $68,000 mark, with the base model slightly more subtle than Maserati is used to. I look forward to seeing a new rival to the 5 Series, and as long as Maserati keeps their beautiful styling and intoxicating exhaust note I,m sure they will do well.

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