Latest on PS3’s Move controller and Xbox 360’s Kinect

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 12, 2010

We have the latest news on Sony’s PlayStation Move controller for the PS3, and also an interesting article on Xbox 360’s Kinect, and what one blogger feels are Microsoft’s five lies.

The latest on PS3’s Move controller comes from CVG, sourced via, which explains that the new motion tech will bring “motion control to core domain”. This is according to Atindriya Bose, head of Sony India.

His continues to explain that the wide genre of games will be PS Move’s “biggest strength”, and that a few family-friendly games will be released first. It sounds like core gamers will have to wait a little longer to be satisfied. Read the full interview on

According to, Microsoft has told “five lies” about Xbox 360 Kinect. While the technology looked amazing when it was first unveiled, it’s the view of Toby M. Farren at Glimpse Dog that many of the features have “mysteriously vanished”.

Then they list the so-called “lies” in detail. Check out the full article here, and let us know if you agree.

What will you be buying, PS Move, Kinect, or none?

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  • i liked

  • Richard

    I'll be buying Move. I can see why people are skeptical about it. But I love innovation and moving forward. I'm taking a punt, hoping this is in the right direction.

    Fingers crossed that they make a Demon's Souls 2 with Move support.

  • Curtis

    PS Move i trust sony with they products they are never cheap they are rich plastic like mat black on the ps3 slim, while M$ have cheap plastic Sony will always have better products than M$

  • Alex_D

    I think I'll neglect the consoles and just get back into PC gaming.

  • exxbot

    Finally someone who has the balls to officially report what is really going on with Micro & Soft's Kinect hoaxery. Even at E3 2010 all they still tried to fool people with pre-rendered gameplay!
    To give M$ the benefit of the doubt, last E3 2009 I really wanted them to pull it off- Milo & Kate but what an utter disappointment.
    No wonder Sony & Nintendo skipped on this tech- coz it does not work!
    M$ is all show but no go
    If Kinect bombs as hard like Kin Micro & Soft has brought the nuke upon themselves!!!