Internet Sales Tax Bill: Why the change?

We have known for some time that the U.S. government has been looking at how we buy things much cheaper online compared to purchasing an item from a store – this is what has led to an Internet Sales Tax Bill. So what does it all mean and why the change?

We have been surprised that these online discounts have gone on for so long – the idea of buying products tax-free on the Internet is something that has cost the government billions of dollars in taxes. This means that the likes of Amazon and other online stores would no longer be able to offer the cheap prices that has made them what they are today – they fear the change could have an adverse affect on their business.

Bill Snyder from Infoworld writes on PC World saying “with state and local governments deeply in debt” they have no choice but to pass on a bill like this – no matter how unpopular it will be. Although we do fear that this could stop people spending like they have done on the Internet, which would then lead to lack of consumer confidence.

Paying taxes is something that we all have to do, but why should we be forced to pay more online if the bill goes through – just because the government has made some bad choices why should you and I be the ones who have to bail them out yet again.

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