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Heat Tests: PS3 Slim vs. New Xbox 360

Just how does the new Xbox 360 stack up against the Sony PS3 Slim? Go Fanboy decided to find out by performing a few tests over a week, and the results are pretty interesting, which came from running different tests on four PS3 slims and four Xbox 360 S consoles.

Sony’s 160GB (fat) PS3, and an old Xbox 360 Premium were also tested. According to
Brandon Thompson from, the tests were run using a few copies of Madden 09, and the systems were put in closed cabinets and tests were run into they shutdown or overheated.

You can read their reasons for running the tests the way they did in their article, see in full here. They claim that the PS3’s shutdown first in all Slim model tests, but the reviewer points out that this means they either “heat up faster” or are designed to shut off at a “lower temperature”.

All PS3 models did reboot after shutting down. As expected, the old Xbox 360 run into a RROD problem, and could not reboot. The newer PS3 and Xbox 360 models prove to be more reliable than their predecessors. But which Slim model performed the best?

Have a read of the full test, and let us know what you think of the results.



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