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Google Chrome: Integrated, Sandboxed PDF Viewer Coming

Recently Google released a new version of Google Chrome with the Adobe Flash plug-in integrated, we are now hearing that future versions will have a sandboxed PDF viewer integrated.

An integrated, sandboxed PDF viewer will make things a lot easier for the end user, also as it will run insides Chrome’s sandbox it will be a lot more secure.

Hackers have previously utilized PDF-based vulnerabilities to install malware etc, therefore in this day and age users are keen to ensure that their web browser protects them again as many risks as possible, for this reason alone I feel that a integrated, sandboxed PDF viewer is a great idea.

At the moment there is no clue as to when this new feature will arrive, therefore we will have to keep you posted. For further information check out the link below.

Source: Chromium Blog


  • Josh

    It´s already in the dev-channel, but inactivated by default… So in Chrome 6.


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