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GeForce GTX 460 Review: 30 Pages

Earlier today you may have seen our post about the GeForce GTX 460, and an official price found via Newegg. In a follow-up, we thought you might want to read a detailed review of this graphics card.

If your looking for a review that thoroughly checks out every area of a card then you will love this article on Guru 3D, which details the GeForce GTX 460 over 30-pages. While NVIDIA’s introduction of the 470/480 wasn’t smooth, this new card has been changed to tackle the problems found in the 1st generation Fermi series.

Guru 3D takes a look at the GTX 460 features and specs, VGA performance under different games, overclocking different versions, the setup, gallery shots, and a lot more over 30 detailed pages.

In their conclusion they found that the card beat expectations, and raised its own bar to compete with cards way above its class. Read the full review, or jump to the long conclusion here.

What do you make of the GeForce GTX 460? Let us know below.



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