Facebook Panic Button: Why it may not be effective?

Today we asked you if you think the Facebook “Panic Button” should be more than just an option, and now we wanted to highlight an even more important issue with this new Facebook app, why it may not be effective?

An article on CNET’s Loaded has studied the topic of Internet predators back in 2008, when they took to the road and met a professor who specializes in this area. They reported that research shows that these types of predators gain children’s trust over time.

This very research may prove that the UK’s new Facebook “panic button“ app, may not work. Loaded’s Natali Del Conte points out that some teens will never install the app, and online predators may just avoid Facebook users with this option installed, and instead find those that do not have it installed.

Have a read of the full article here, and see their reasons for believing the Facebook panic button may fail. You can also watch a video on the BBC, which sees Facebook’s Joanna Shields explain why the new app is a good thing.

Do you think the Panic Button is a good idea?



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