China Milk Tainted: Melamine could kill again?

By Alan Ng - Jul 12, 2010

Some worrying news to report now, as it has been confirmed that Chinese food safety officials have found more traces of dairy products which contain the toxic chemical melamine.

You may remember that back in 2008, melamine was found in milk and subsequently killed six babies and made around 300,000 ill.

According to this new BBC report, 64 tonnes of raw dairy products have been contaminated with melamine, with recent tests showing that the milk powder contained over 500 times the maximum allowed level for melamine.

This is a very serious issue if melamine products are still being sold illegally on the market, despite reports that the Chinese government had cracked-down on using such products in factories.

Is it worrying to hear that Melamine could still be contaminated, even after the investigation in 2008? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • TJD

    Cadbury contamination was limited to distribution in China.

    Seems China doesn't regulate any of their businesses.
    Not a safe situation. I wonder how much other 'junk' we are ingesting.

  • Jim

    Nestles is a big one to watch also, a company that lies about everything, see their African Breastfeeding campaign,

  • Arie de Jong

    It's too bad that Dairymen here in the US who make top quality products can't get paid eneough to keep doing it . Companies like KRAFT who now owns Cadbury would rather buy the raw products in China and save a few pennies……..Our country regulates our industry to keep our products safe but does very little to stop foreign commodities from being imported by companies like Kraft, thanks to their lobbying successes.
    They tie one hand behind our backs, add cost , and then import from a cheaper source….
    Dairyman in Arizona

  • karin

    corporate greed…you know the corporation that loves us so much and soposedly does not need to be regulated usual..and american formula does contain ingrediends from china …there is one small organic company from america …nature one formula their formula has consistantly tested negative ..for melamine …all the big formula makers had traces found………

  • Vicki

    Waiting to hear if Hershey is still using factories in China. What is wrong with this world when we continue to support a country that produces such harmful products?