China Google License Renewed: Subject to supervision

We can now tell you that Google in China has now had its license renewed, although this will be subject to supervision by the Chinese authorities. We are certain that both the search engine giant and those in China who use the service are now happier after months of uncertainty.

The renewal of Google’s application was approved by The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, we just hope that things remain as they are – the idea of Google China being blocked once a again will be a big blow for Google and its users.

Loretta Chao and Amir Efrati from WSJ points out that although this is seen as a victory for Google, it still does not guarantee its future in China, as the license can be revoked at any time. This does show that giant companies do not have the green light to do what they wish on the Internet – especially in China with their tough censorship laws.

The whole row broke out when Google redirected search queries from Mainland China to a version that is hosted in Hong Kong – Google were then forced to stop doing this due to fears of not having its license renewed. For more details on this article visit the Wall Street Journal link.



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