Teaching Robots: Engage and Teach Simple Skills

After following Sci-Fi for many years, it was obvious to me that we would one day see teaching robots, which would teach our children simple skills or us. This could be used for children with special needs, like autism.

An article on shows us a video titled “Robotic Teaching”, and we see machines that can teach humans. The article starts by explaining what happened when a 6-year-old with autism meets a robot teacher.

If you have ever met an autistic child then you will know how hard it can be for them to learn, and accept change. Computer scientists are designing robots around the world that can teach simple skills, and engage people.

You can read the full story about this particular teaching robot in this article here, but this topic is raising ethical questions once again. Could technology become the instructor, and is it right?

For now, it looks like this technology is moving forward with classrooms testing teaching machines in South Korea as we speak. The best teaching robots so far are fully autonomous, these include speech recognition, motion tracking, and artificial intelligence software.



  • Howie

    see vonnegut's "the fun they had". short story that predicts just this………….with a twist, of course.


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