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Solar Plane Lands: Video of the Flight

We have some good news for those of you who were keeping an interested eye on developments for a solar plane which took off on a 24-hour test flight recently. We can now confirm that the model has safely landed in Switzerland.

As reported from CBN, the plane, which is powered entirely by the sun landed in Switzerland on Thursday morning. The plane features 12,000 solar panels and had enough reserve energy during the day to withstand the 24-hour journey through the night.

You’ll be pleased to know that CBN has added a video report of the story, where you’ll be able to hear the thoughts of Solar Impulse Team Co-Founder Bertrand Piccard. He talks about his satisfaction on completing the journey, adding that the project had been going on for around seven years.

What are your thoughts on the Solar plane experiement? Video is below.


  • Swisscheese

    That's real swiss engineering.!!!!


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