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Nintendo DSi: Price Cut Boosts Sales

Recently Nintendo reduced the price of the Nintendo DSi, we are now hearing that this price slash has resulted in a huge sales increase.

Prior to the price cut the Nintendo DSi would set you back around £160, however this dropped to around £130 in mid-June, this has resulted in a sales increase of 40% week-on-week.

The price cut was only for the standard DSi, the price of the DSi XL and the DS Lite remain unchanged, however I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo do their utmost to shift the rest of the handhelds before they launch the Nintendo 3DS.

If you are keen to pick up a cheap DSi you may want to head to your local Asda/Sainsburys store as they are apparently shifting units for under £100.

Have you picked up your discounted Nintendo DSi?, If so how much did you pay?

Source: ITProPortal



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