Mozilla Firefox 4: Faster than 3.6.6, Slower Than Chrome and Safari

By Jamie Pert - Jul 11, 2010

For the last four or so years I have been a huge Mozilla Firefox fan, however I recently switched to Google Chrome, thanks to its simpler design and superior security, I was hoping that Firefox 4 would convert me yet again, but a recent article posted on ComputerWorld makes me think otherwise.

In recent benchmarking tests Firefox 4 was 27% faster than Firefox 3.6.6 (the current stable version), however JavaScript benchmarks show that is slower than Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

ComputerWorld’s benchmarking tests utilized the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark suite running on Windows Vista Business, each test was ran three rimes and scores were averaged out, you can see an image showing the results towards the end of this post.

Firefox 4 is still in its beta stages, therefore we must hold our judgment until the proper release turns up, however things aren’t looking too promising.

Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, which is your preference?

Source: ComputerWorld

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  • Jason

    Beta 7 was the difference that made me switch back to firefox. before such as beta6 the horror, i had turned away from it because there were so many visual and performance MAJOR deformities, it didn't work as a browser. But since then it has got exponentially better. More addons are working with it now! NOw the only thing is to make it stable release and Firefox will regain that market share! But they'd better do it quickly. They are already up to beta12 and are planning beta13! Should be RC by now.

  • Pavan

    Sry for the late response… But try out the beta 7… Its like GOD SPEED with jager monkey … Its tooooo fast to be true !! Also the interface more homely than eva!! Also tab candy… No other browser beats it… All browsers bow down ur head for the mighty ff!!

  • Daymon

    I recently downloaded I.E.9 beta, Firefox 4 Beta, Chrome, and Chrome Canary Build. I tested browser speeds with hardware acceleration here:

    I.E. 9 Beta = 60 FPS
    Firefox 4 Beta = 91 FPS
    Chrome Beta = 13 FPS
    Chrome Canary build = 14 FPS

    I also tested general browsing, watching videos on youtube, and just general run of the mill type things. Both I.E. 9, and Firefox 4 are way faster than Chrome. Not just a little, but a lot!

  • tylerdowner

    Wait until beta 6 comes out, that will have the new Firefox Jaegermonkey Engine and will be significantly faster than the current beta 4.

  • Bill Andersoot

    As long as Chrome lacks proper printer support, I'll stick with Firefox.

  • jaja

    FF extensions stop me from switching to chrome…….cool previews, tree style tab, fire bug etc are yet to come in chrome altough noscript and ad block plus are now available for chrome too. chrome team needs work in the extensions area and then may be it will be really good competition

  • yfan

    I don't know about the speeds – almost every page I have tested loads faster in Firefox 4, in my experience. I too had switched to Chrome and am now coming back to Firefox. Give it a shot. Benchmark tests can belie the reality of uniqueness of our use habits.

  • Kevin Tremblay

    Safari was the best browser, it's the best and will be the best. It's all about Steve Jobs baby

  • Jack

    Chrome is fast, but has a general thrown together look.

    Firefox does a much better job of blending in with the OS, in addition to having better plug-in support.

    Using Chrome makes me feel somewhat like I am using an alien browser because of the weird shapes & colors, while Firefox fits & makes me feel right at home!

    • nonW00t

      heh I find the opposite, Chrome is fast and sleek, if not having an over-simplified look, and feels much more "OS blended" than Firefox. Firefox is still the superior utility browser, but it just feels clunky compared to Chrome's feel.

  • Agreed with rainman. FF3.6.6 was fast enough for this user, FF4 feels just as fast so I'm not sure that moving to chrome/opera/safari is worth it in terms of speed.

    It comes down to the other features, and this is where FF wins hands down. I used Chrome for a very fair couple of months but always missed certain features of Firefox. I respect Chrome immensely but it hasn't won me over yet.

    Let's keep the competition rolling, browsers! 🙂

  • rainman

    Running ff 3.6.6 30 addons ,find it fast enough for me if ff 4 is 27%,great ,as for the other browsers supposedly faster makes no difference i will continue using the best browse in the world and all it has to offer as opposed to the others with not much else to offer …….