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Mozilla Firefox 4: Faster than 3.6.6, Slower Than Chrome and Safari

For the last four or so years I have been a huge Mozilla Firefox fan, however I recently switched to Google Chrome, thanks to its simpler design and superior security, I was hoping that Firefox 4 would convert me yet again, but a recent article posted on ComputerWorld makes me think otherwise.

In recent benchmarking tests Firefox 4 was 27% faster than Firefox 3.6.6 (the current stable version), however JavaScript benchmarks show that is slower than Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

ComputerWorld’s benchmarking tests utilized the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark suite running on Windows Vista Business, each test was ran three rimes and scores were averaged out, you can see an image showing the results towards the end of this post.

Firefox 4 is still in its beta stages, therefore we must hold our judgment until the proper release turns up, however things aren’t looking too promising.

Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, which is your preference?

Source: ComputerWorld



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