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Motorola WX445: Verizon’s Palm Pre-Like Android device – First Look

Some exciting news for Verizon customers now, as Engadget has scooped details of a unannounced Motorola Android device which has been pictured and detailed for the very first time.

According to their report, this Motorola device has a model name of ‘WX445’, but we don’t know the final street name yet. It will be another Android addition to Motorola’s growing list, and will ship with 2.1 of the OS according to a leaked screenshot of the device’s settings page.

As you can see from the image below, the low-end device is very ‘Palm Pre-like’ and is thought to pack a 2.5-3 inch touchscreen display. Engadget also report that the device will have a camera, but it won’t come with Flash.

Are you interested in this or is it one to avoid? We’ll update you when we know more.



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