Modern Warfare 2: Hacker’s Video Shows Zombie Mode

By Jamie Pert - Jul 11, 2010

When DLC for Call of Duty: World At War added Zombie mode it was an instant success, therefore gamers were understandably frustrated to hear that zombie mode would not be coming to Modern Warfare 2.

It seems as if some hackers were also upset with the lack of a Zombie mode, so much so that they decided to create their very own version of Zombie mode using their JTagged Xboxes. As you would probably expect their version is not quite as polished as Treyarch’s, however still looks fun none-the-less.

In this interpretation of Zombie mode you play on the small map ‘Rust’, here all 18 players start normal, however you must race to the top of the construction, the first 9 players to make it to the top of the construction become zombie killers, while the remaining 9 players become zombies. Zombies can only kill with their knife, when they kill you, you become a zombie.

The bad news is that if you want to play this version of Zombies you must have a modded console. If you check out this link you can find out more about the Zombie mode, you can also see a video showing a minute of Modern Warfare 2 Zombie action below.

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