Lebron James Miami Heat: NBA 2K11 Transfer and Twitter Reaction

Have you accepted the fact that basketball star Lebron James is now a Miami Heat player? Developers for the popular NBA 2K franchise has already shared a HD photo of the star in new colors, while we also have various user reactions from Twitter to share with you.

We already asked you about your thoughts on the situation here, but now we have a HD version of an image showing Lebron James in his new Miami Heat Jersey. We know Cleveland fans will get sick of seeing this picture time and time again, but it looks like a real glimpse of the future for when we see James in the new colors for real.

That picture above has been supplied by 2kGames who will be releasing NBA 2K11 soon. How does Lebron look to you? Did you expect him to move to Heat or were you expecting him to move elsewhere? I know certain friends of mine were hoping he’d move to the Bulls, but obviously that wasn’t the case.

It is also no surprise that quite a few of you have been getting worked up on the situation over on Twitter. You can check out the latest reactions, using this handy update page here.

Let us know your opinions on the Lebron James saga.




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