Help solve iPhone Reception Problems: New iPhone 4 Reception Case

By Gary Johnson - Jul 11, 2010

A new iPhone 4 case is being released which could help improve the problems with the devices reception issues when held in a certain way. The iPhone 4 Reception Case is the first in a line of protective covers for the device from the manufacturer.

Developed by premium mobile accessories leader IvySkin LLC, the case is the world’s thinnest for the device measuring only 0.6mm in thickness on the back for ultimate protection. Made from a revolutionary Polycarbonate material, the case is 0.8mm on the sides to give the iPhone 4’s antenna set up clearance, which lets it function properly.

The new case is very discreet in use, so you will barely notice it is on. With the case is in use a clearer signal will reach the device as no skin will come into contact with the devices antenna, thus resulting in fewer dropped calls.

The Reception Case will start shipping from the second week in July and retails for the great price of $14.99. The case comes with front and back scratch free body armors, as well as the Polycarbonate shell which attaches to the back of the phone. To find out more and to purchase please click here.

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  • catran

    I see all of these articles about the Reception Case but none sound like an actual review. I heard one guy say that he had an Ivy Case for a previous version of the iPhone but he had a problem with static that left a "watermark" looking spot on the screen. Has anyone else had a similar problem with the prevous version? How durable is the case, will it crack when dropped? I know the iPhone 4 version isn't out yet, but does anyone know about the other version for iPhone or other phones?

  • Jay

    The case does look good, but isn't this all a little embarrassing for Apple? Isn't this yet another indicator that their products are largely unreliable? Have a look at this article –… Anyone else encountered similar problems?

  • Marcus

    The Ivyskin case looks good in the pics, but it will be interesting to see customer reviews on the case. I don't like clear covers.