Halo: Reach: Achievement Icons and Details Leaked

By Jamie Pert - Jul 11, 2010

If you are not a fan of spoilers I would recommend clicking the back button on your web browser now, however if you want to find out some insider information regarding Halo: Reach carry on reading.

Firstly we will speak about the achievement icons, an image has been leaked showing every achievement icon from the upcoming game, there are 49 in total all of which can be seen embedded at the end of this post.

These 49 achievements have been broken down into five groups, 23 of them are from the game’s campaign mode, 9 are related to player experience, 7 are related to firefight, six are earend during training and four are from the multiplayer mode.

We do not have full details regarding all of the achievements, however if you check out JoyStiq’s recent article you can see details regarding six of the acheivements, including perhaps the hardest of all is the “A Monument to All Your Sins”, to gain this you must complete every campaign mission on the legendary difficulty, alone.

Check out the source link below for details regarding the other five leaked achievements.

Source: JoyStiq

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  • This "Leaked stuff" is in the update on their website

  • Pwnage

    This is NOT leaked, Bungie showed us themselves in their website.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, this is not leaked at all. It was released on Bungie's site in its most recent Weekly Update.