Google Doodle: 2010 FIFA World Cup Final

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 11, 2010

Since the start of June just over a month ago, we have had a number of Google Doodles, which celebrate special events, and famous people from our history. Feel free to tell us your favorite Google Doodle so far in the comments.

Since the start of the worlds biggest sporting event – 2010 FIFA World Cup – we’ve seen a doodle on this event already, this was the Google Doodle as a clickable World Cup guide back on June 11.

Today Google is celebrating the FIFA World Cup final with a Google Doodle, which links to a page that shows the final game kick off time, Netherlands vs. Spain at 2:30pm (ET). This then links to information via

The Doodle was expected today, but what do you think of the image? Let us know your thoughts. Also feel free to see some previous Doodle’s since the start of June; these include US Independence Day, Antoine De Saint-Exupery, Father’s Day, and Dennis Gabor’s birthday.

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