Google Chrome: Future Versions Will Block Out-of-date Plug-ins

By Jamie Pert - Jul 11, 2010

Some would argue that Google Chrome is already the perfect web browser, however Google have recently revealed plans for future versions, which they hope will solidify their ever-growing share in the web browser market.

Apparently one of their next ambitions is to add a new feature which will block out-of-date plug-ins, not only this but it will help users update their plug-ins.

Because of the nature of the Internet, plug-ins soon become outdated, therefore I think that this is a very good plan of faction, let’s hope that their implementation is better than Firefox’s.

Currently it is unclear as to when this new feature will be added, however I’m sure that it won’t take Google’s developers to long to write and test the new functionality.

Source: Cnet

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  • Annie

    This is bad.

    The reason is that some plug-ins perhaps do not always need updating, such as note taking etc.

    Additionally, how will you be able to stop them from blocking plug-ins based on age, such as a music control plug-in that works fine… But because it is 6 months old & no updates, voila!


    This will work backwards & kill off things that just work?

  • Hi Jamie, do you have a link to a post from Google talking about plans for future versions of Chrome. There are so many Google "rumors" going around I like to dig into the source of any Google stories when possible. Thanks for the heads up about this. I'll want to make sure my extensions are current.