Gold Striker Release iPhone 4 20ct White and Full Gold

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 11, 2010

In the last few days we have seen unboxing photos of the White iPhone 4, and while the wait for it’s release seems never ending, there are those that will wait as long as it takes. Will you only buy an Apple iPhone in White?

If money is no object or you love to look at expensive gadgets, you may have seen the White iPhone 4 with Diamonds. Today we have another luxury pimped iPhone to show you, and this one is the iPhone 4G FULL Gold edition that can be seen in the photos on this page.

Those of you that love a touch of white, will be glad to know that Gold Striker / Stuart Hughes also do a 20ct white gold iPhone. These devices come with 32GB of storage, Sim-Free and are unlocked for worldwide use.

The price, well you will need a spare £2,195. See for full details, and also other gadgets they pimped, which includes televisions, and other brands of phones.

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  • i sold 10 old busted up 1922 silver dollars at CNI numismatics coin shop

    about a year ago for $ 15 dollars each, when i showed them a pink & white

    & gold ring i wanted to sell, they told me their was no such thing as pink

    or white gold. and the only metal on that ring was silver. & gold plated silver.

    and the pink & white stuff on the 3 colored band was all silver that had been anodized pink or white, this is true, they never made a pink or white

    coin or they would have them for sale. the jewelers have been ripping off

    people for 100 years with that pink & white gold B/S for years.