Free Slurpee Day 2010: 7-11 and Twitter Reactions

As a lot of you are probably aware today is free Slurpee day, therefore to make the most of this offer head down to your nearest 7-Eleven store to pick up your free 7.11oz drink.

If you are unsure where your nearest 7-Eleven store is you will probably find their store locater very useful, if you are really into your Slurpees you may want to check out the 7-Eleven Facebook event page.

It seems as if Twitter users are really happy about Free Slurpee Day 2010, if you check out this link you can see thousands of 7-Eleven related tweets, one Twitter user showed his/her excitement with this tweet “FREE Slurpee Day!! FREE Slurpee Day!! FREE Slurpee Day!! FREE Slurpee Day!! RT!!”

Have you picked up you3r free Slurpee today? If so, what flavor did you choose?


  • Denise

    I was upset I went into a 7-11 at 10:45pm and was told they were all out of the free cups for the slurpees and I'd have to buy one. What kind of stuff is that? They knew it was 'free slurpee day' so make sure you have enough cups! The promotion was supposed to end at 11:00pm–NOT when they ran out of cups!!! DP


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