2011 Ford Fiesta Accessories: Custom Graphics Option – Details

Usually when you buy a new car you have a wide-range of colors to choose from, however Ford are taking this one step further with their 2011 Ford Fiesta Model.

Not only can you choose from several different paint colors, but there is also an option which allows you to choose one of 18 different body-side custom graphics, you can also choose the size and color of these graphics.

These graphics are not the only custom options available, if you like you can add a rear roof spoiler (hatchback only), a full ‘race-inspired’ body kit, an LED-lit cup holder and mood lighting via a light bar in the footwells (you can find out more via the source link below).

Do you think customizing your 2011 Ford Fiesta is a good idea? Or do you think it will affect the car’s value?

Source: Cnet



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