2010 FIFA World Cup Final: Twitter Predictions and Paul the Octopus

The moment has finally arrived. Four years since Italy beat France to lift the World Cup in Germany, we now have another great final in prospect to look forward to in Spain Vs Holland. We have some of your Twitter predictions to share with you now, including a prediction from a very famous Octopus.

Paul the Octopus as he is now known, has become a cult hero around the world, after ‘correctly’ predicting World Cup results throughout the tournament. It appears that he was right yesterday too, since he correctly predicted that his home country Germany would defeat Uruguay and claim third place.

You’ll be interested to know that the Octopus has now gone on to tip Spain to lift the trophy later today, ahead of Holland – you can check out the prediction video here.

As for your predictions, we have found a place where you’ll be able to view fans predictions on Twitter. You can visit the page here and read the various score predictions for the game. I think this is too close to call, but I think Spain will do it.

Have you posted your World Cup prediction on Twitter yet? Let us know what you think.


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  1. Well, that's the thing with football finals, they're usually not that good, especially the big ones (world cup, european, champions league). both teams want to win so badly that it often gets locked down and very rough.

  2. You may have noted that Paul Octopus has correctly predicted for the match where there is Germany! If you know, Germany is not in final match this time! It couldn't predict in case of other matches! Not even in European Championship final! Don't run after which colored flag Octopus chooses! There is not scientific justification! Predictive astrology is science, not the box that Octopus chooses for its food! Even if Spain wins, so called prediction by Octopus will be mere chance! Netherland must win! The Holland!

  3. Holland will win FIFA World Cup today, Predictions of Octopus Paul will prove wrong in the final stages of match, so Holland be ready to celibtate

  4. Well may the best team win in world cup Twenty Ten ! Coz 2 WIn the game there should B hard work and good luck.. As success is the mixture of hard work and good luck!!!

  5. David Villa Will trash The dach Team.Surely Spain Win This FIFA. GO VILLA GO VILLA………..

  6. tsegaye
    as to me spain will beat 3 to 1 netherlands
    bc they are the heros of this worl cup!
    viva spain
    ehanew espen
    zitin bohe kar enmahun

  7. Out of respect, please, Holland is NOT a country. It consists of only two of the 12 provinces in the entire Kingdom of the Netherlands, whom I believe will win the final, by the way…

  8. wow what europeans ? they say that aisans mostly indians and all africans are superstitious and now they are following the same. hahahhhaha

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