The top Xbox 360 and PS3 problems of all time

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 10, 2010

What are the biggest problems that the Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 have had to face? Every games system gets its fair share of problems, and most seem to be with games.

In the past few weeks we have seen a few problems with the PS3 3.40 update, and a few Xbox 360 games, but what are the top Xbox 360 and PS3 problems of all time? This may be a little obvious at first, but it will depend on how different problems have affected you.

For the Xbox 360 we can point to the missing pads in early systems, which would have stopped discs getting scratched if the system was moved. While this would have affected a lot of gamers, RROD is one of the most pubic gaming problems of all time, so the Xbox 360’s red ring of death problem is our obvious winner.

The PS3’s biggest problem of all time may be little harder to predict, we have seen many gaming problems but if we were talking hardware, and software issues, what was the biggest?

YLOD: The yellow light of death started making an appearance some time ago now, and this seemed to hit early PS3 systems, but we cannot put this as our top PS3 problem of all time.

Our choice for the PS3 has to be the massive 8001050F error that affected the PSN, and because so much of the PlayStation 3’s gaming is done via online gaming, this was a big deal. Not to mention this error affected every PS3 system on the planet, apart from the newer PS3 slim model.

The error only lasted 24-hours, but worried gamers wondered if the problem would be fixed remotely or not, and it was one of the most discussed gaming problems ever in a 24-hour period.

These are our top Xbox 360 and PS3 problems of all time, what are yours? Let us know in the comments.

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  • this article was written so poorly. It was torture reading it.

  • AdamR

    both systems are pure crap plain and simple. this generation of gaming is truly disappointing. the ps3 comes out and takes awhile for the games to actually hit, then the regular problems, send it back to customer service, etc. Xbox 360 – everyone knows what happens with this junk.

    and the wii also is targeted toward nintendo-centric characters (of course) and its strange control scheme means crappy "dumbed down" ports of in demand 360/PS3 games like Transformers War For Cybertron.

    I'm waiting for a next PSP model which can actually play games regular control scheme and more reliably than you're current home systems.

  • spunwicked

    Can nobody else see that this article is just search engine mush, good for indexing and bringing in some traffic, yet ultimately utterly pointless and devoid of any real content? Shame on you Product Reviews, I hope you step up the journalism before your readers stop dropping by.

  • exxbot

    You are right PlayStation Move is a simplified, family budget-friendly motion capture technology that motion capture suit actors use for realistic 3D CGI human animation. Its lightyears ahead of the infra red technology we see used on arcades and the Wii hence the crazy precise 1:1 motion sensing gameplay which is where the fun is.

  • paul wood

    lets not forget xbox users have had to splash the cash everytime for ierrors not microsoft e.g hdmi port, 120gb harddrives,rrod
    not very loyal if you ask me wouldnt be suprised next week when i pick up my xbox 250gb slim that xbox turn to 720 to kick on with casual gaming n leave 360 for kinect

  • JD

    sony big issue is software they suck at it everything they come out with a update it makes the system mess up.

    why not talk about the wii wait i know because Nintendo doesn’t have issue’s with there system because they care about there customers….i call Microsoft for help about there crappy system..there not even American..i call Nintendo a japan company and i get a American one of the main issue’s Nintendo had is with its wrist strap where drunk Americans where playing the wii and the strap broke

    • mutts

      What about the rest of the world Mr America? I hate how all Americans think the world ends at there coast line.
      That’s the only reason the Xbox is so suceswfull, buy American. We tried it years ago with the buy British slogan. Its a sight of desperation, supporting inferior products for national pride

      Took the uk industry 20 years to catch up because of stupid national

  • Obvious

    that was the worst, most obvious article i have ever read.

  • kratos

    xbox 360 slim & xbox 360 phat worst console .

    i have ps3 phat & slim no problem. i just love it. some time psn error. i agree

  • salman aziz

    all problem is just because less manufacturing cost spent.

  • Anonymous

    Why would you write this article now? The systems have not been discontinued so no one would know what the top problem of the systems are.

    • exxbot

      The biggest problem the Xbox 3fixme is you have to pay just to play online!
      Xbox Live is that "hidden cost" that made me decide to give away my 3shitty and buy a PS3 instead.
      MicroShaft Xbox3shitty is designed primarily to rake in all your cash, steal Sony's market, make developers make games for them and to make or play games is just a false facade.
      We PC and PS3 gamers are not going to fall for that.

      • Alex_D

        Yeah, and in Australia you can add a credit card to Xbox Live by yourself in a couple of minutes, but to remove it you must ring microsoft customer support, wait about 20 minutes for a human to answer, and get them to do it. Why?

    • Anthony Burke

      Gaming news is a bit thin on the ground at present, that’d be my guess. It definately makes my list of most pointless articles of all time 😉

  • Michael

    >>>.360 we can point to the missing pads in early systems, which would have stopped discs getting scratched

    Even the NEW 360 SLIM STILL scratches discs if you move it.. ALL 360's do.. Not just early ones LOL