Samsung Vibrant: T-Mobile’s Galaxy S gets Release Date

By Alan Ng - Jul 10, 2010

We have some great news for those of you looking to pick up the T-Mobile variant of the Samsung Galaxy S, as we have a confirmed release date for the Samsung Vibrant – and it is good news too we may add.

As reported from Phandroid, the Samsung Vibrant was originally scheduled to release on T-Mobile USA on July 21st. But we can now confirm that this date has actually been pushed forward to Thursday July 15th.

The news was confirmed by T-Mobile themselves, over on their official Twitter account. They were asked by a user what the final release date would be, and he was given a direct answer.

Will you be picking up the Vibrant on T-Mobile, or are you waiting for another handset to release on the network?

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  • Already been involved in mobile communications as an RF engineer since 1982 when I worked for Motorola. Had Blackberrys for the last 8 years or so, but just pre purchased a Samsung Vibrant through T-mobile. Need some new features and a brand new Os to play with. I’m dissatisfied that T-mobile has turned away from the wifi hotspot feature in the Samsung Vibrant, but I am certain someone will certainly figure out how to root it as well as add the feature back in. I’m now having a wi-fi compatability only iPad and want to wirelessly tether it to the mobile phone. Looking forward to getting my new phone!

  • rbry

    You really would not get a phone because it has no camera in the front so you cant actually see all the ugly people you know while you talk to them? WOW, as far as a flash goes you want a camera but a camera. The other day I was looking at Nikons and didn't buy one because it didn't have a phone in it, man

    • Bacchus027

      Oh, apparently it is 2001 again. That is about the last time that argument was valid. Given the quality of cameras on phone can possess, of which most superphones do, it is silly that this doesn't.

      It's like a Corvette without performance exhaust. It's still a corvette, it's still fast, but a sports car without performance parts is sad. As is a superphone without a flash.

  • Guest

    I'm waiting for windows phone 7 to come out. Then I'll finally decide between WP7 and Andriod

  • Get-A-Grip-Papa

    Awww…..poor baby…. ;o(

  • My enthusiasm for the US version of the Galaxy dimmed a bit when I learned they nerfed it, removing the front facing camera and flash.