Predators Movie Game: Review and Download for iPhone

You might of already seen the latest Predator movie, but have you played the game? Developers Chillingo has just released their Predators iPhone app onto the store for download. We have a review for you to read now and it looks like it is a must buy for fans of the franchise.

The review comes to us courtesy of Modojo, who have given us their impressions of the game and state reasons why the $2.99 asking price is well justified.

Predators for iPhone is a third-person action game and features a bitesite version of all the things you love about the Predator franchise. You’ll be able to choose how to take down your prey using a variety of the Predator’s most famous gadgets. These include the wrist blades, combi stick, shoulder cannon and his trusted cloaking device.

You also get the trademark sound effects from previous Predator games, and while being slightly repetitive, you really can’t go wrong for $2.99. It is available to buy from the Apple store here.

Let us know your impressions of the game.



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