New iPod Touch 4: Features For 2010 / 4th-Generation

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 10, 2010

We do love the way Apple surrounds it’s new product launches in mystery, which makes us wonder just how many so called “leaks” are only that, and not marketing of any sort.

Nearly every new product Apple releases tends to have some parts leaked at one point or another, and why should it be any different for the new iPod touch that’s rumored to release in 2010. Recently we posted some information about LCD parts, which may confirm a new front-facing camera on the 4th-generation iPod touch.

Today we would like to point out a good read over on PC World, which explains their new iPod touch “must-haves”. Thanks to the latest rumors being short of specific details, the article on PC World wanted to take a deeper look at what should be featured on the next device.

An almost certainty is the addition of a camera, and one that would make the past iPhone cameras dribble. This would then be used for both taking photos and video recording; something past iPod touches have needed drastically.

They also look at six other features; these include video chat with non-Apple users, Retina display, 3G option with iPad-style data plan, longer battery life, built-in microphone, and faster Wi-Fi.

Read the full details here. What would be your wish list for the new iPod touch in 2010?

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  • when are they going to bring out a touch with 100Gb storage ??

  • joeyking

    THey do have a camera and its high quality too

  • lov ipod

    the ipod is out n its da best i got 1 a week ago n it rocks

  • Scoop


  • fluffy

    how do u think the iod touch 4 is gonna be????

  • erion caro

    apple always has an innovative strategies to attract more consumers so they innovate the i touch to increase the sales but it will affect the other products specialy the ipad.

  • bla bla

    this STINKS

  • taylor

    its awesome i have one

  • brock

    coool !!!

  • shel

    The event is going to be taking place on Sept. 1 2010 at 10 AM

  • gigi

    well..guess its goona really cool…addin camera! an other stuff too but if they will add face toface well it will be just like iphone but anyway i will grab one… im so excited:) hope will have enough money till output date… hope it wont be exp.:/

  • Enclavean

    If it has a camera, it will probably be more expensive.

    And as everyone has stated, it will NOT be like the iPhone 4. It will probably have the same design as iPhone 4, but not the same features.

  • ipodtouchdude

    i can't afford an iphone so the ipod touch will be great for me if it has a camera and i already have a brill phone!!!!!!!

  • HawkMan

    If youhave a Droid phone, like enV Touch, why in the hell do you want an iPod Touch??? I don't get it! Why not just dump the enV and buy an iPhone4? You people amaze me. LOL

  • BrewTechick

    I just got my ipod touch stolen so i guess i might as well wait to buy the new 4th generation. Besides, I would absolutely love it if it has two cameras. My enV touch has 3.2 pixel camera and it looks pretty good so no complaints there. I have WiFi in my house so i guess i wouldnt be too angry if they kept that part. And as far as the iPhone goes, I already have a phone that I love so the chances of me buying it is slim to none. They should just update the iPod Touch with the camera and 3G and just raise the price.

  • Jailbreaker

    If you really want one their already out in japan. My teacher had a broken one but it had a forward facing video camera.

  • Allaboutdatps3

    Honestly, everything would be better if they didnt put a camera on the ipod touch, they need the touch and iphone to be different from one another…adding a camera and mic just makes it even closer to an iphone than it already is. Going this route is only going to lead to an end where your basically just buying an inactivated iphone…

  • AJJ

    For ease of use & virtually no headaches LG's EnV Touch is hands down the best phone out there especially on Verizon. iPhone is too much of a pain with their network & only option of touch screen (no QERTY). I'm holding out in hopes of the new iPod Touch being launched early September w/ a decent camera and 3G capability. If they make a camera available then obviously they'll provide a mic for video-conferencing.

  • HB_Dad

    Next iPod Touch will be an iPhone 4 without the phone. 5MP camera (or better), FaceTime, 720P Video, 64GB and possibly 128GB models will be available though I now doubt 128GB after they failed to add memory to the iPhone 4. Will have the new processor of the iPhone 4 as Apple wants all developers to start aiming for that benchmark. Pricing will remain the same with the highest GB model topping the price range. Expect a late September launch.

  • Jiun

    Hopefully the new Ipod touch 4 will have these features

    – better sound quality (current generation is a shame compared to other mp3 player)
    – faster processor and better battery life (I am struggling to play some games in my 2nd gen Ipod touch)
    – improved capacity with affordable price (sweet deal)
    – front or back camera is welcomed but not essential
    – redesigned body

  • France

    I´ll wait till september to see what happens… that´s all hehe

  • SkillzCrazy

    JUST BUY AN IPOD, DOWNLOAD THE “SKYPE” App on it! and than talk to people that have skype! OR Better Yet Put $10 on your skype, and than talk locally FROM YOUR IPOD!

  • iPhone4guy

    There is a very high chance of a front facing camera because you can't use face-time calling with other phones like the HTC EVO so since it's an iDevice there is a high chance of a camera

  • Fiddlesticks

    Hopefully the new ipod touch 4 will have same same fast processor as iphone.

  • sayira

    i dont care about it having a camera, but if it did have one i must say it would be nice. i dont care if it's 3.2 mega pixels, it's still a good camera ! & the reason i dont want an iphone is because i already have a phone plus i dont wanna pay for the plans for an iphone anyway soo……..
    it would also be nice to have a 3g network. wifi really DOES suck.

  • man

    There are people who already bought iphone 4 doesn't want to see ipod touch 4th generation with new futures like an iphone 4. WHY???

  • SUBTIL Anselme

    I understand all this but will there still be a 32GB in September ? Will it be a 4th generation ? and what about the 32GB price then ??

  • avsfanman555

    They are not going to go all the way with the ipod touch as said they Want people to Buy There Iphones and focus less attention on the ipod touch's. It's the affordable Touch thing so people who Aren't exactly into getting a new phone or already have a smart phone can buy the ipod touch as an alternative so obviously there not going to go all crazy and make the ipod touch Exactly like the iphone (that will. look at the 3rd Gen ipod touch, not much was done to it just more Ram, more space and a couple new features but no NEW improvements. So don't expect this 4th Gen ipod touch to have a lot of new improvments probably just more space and upgraded ram, and a little slimmer and call it a 4th Generation.

    • Double..

      This is so true. They made the Ipod Touch just for our mere entertainment not a phone. If you guys want all these then get an Iphone

  • Ben

    I was going to get an iTouch today, but then i heard about the 4th one coming out in September, so I didnt get it. Is the price going to be very different from the one out now, because now I dont know which one to get.. wait or no wait ?

    Shall I buy the one out now, or shall I wait for the newer version to come out?
    Someone give me some advice pleaseeee ?!

    • Tony

      I would definitely wait, pricing will be the same with more features on new models, and if you don't think the new model offers anything to you then the current model will be cheaper as they try to rid of older model.

      • kjbjb

        i think you shouldnt wait because really there basically th same except for the facetime but really who are you going to use the facetime with? plus i think its stupid

  • alex

    you can make calls on ipod touc. get skype and you can do it with wifi

  • the ipod will be as always a new competition apple do not think he put 3g

  • derek

    you guys dont understand the ipod touch is free wifi unlike the iphone where you have to pay for internet which i dont have to worry about bc im not poor but for the ones that are just not as rich people theyd get the ipod soon as the world becomes all wireless the ipods going to be way better obviously the stuffs gonna be way better

  • Ed

    If apple makes this new iPod touch they would get more sales no matter what. Even the iPhone will still have more sales because people would ether have a phone and iPod together. But some want just the iPod. So no matter what apple gets the money in the bank!

  • anonumus

    note that the past three hardware updates for ipod have been released on 9th of September. that gives a pretty good idea…

  • Anomynous

    I call bullshit for 3G, but I would understand 2 cameras being included. I mean, if they slapped a camera on the Nano, they'll do the same for the Touch.

  • it will probqly have front and rear facing cameras if apple wants to see facetime to explode and 3g is a bad idea go buy an iphone and youll have a phone to

  • McKay

    Ok here’s my prediction for iPod touch 4th generation. iPod will have new design look a like of iPhone but without phone part and the iPod touch will have an eight mega pixal camera instead of five because it will have more room instead of all of the iPhone stuff inside it. The facetime camera will be smack in the middle of the top. Will be able to film HD. Hope it comes in same colors as iPhone white and black. Ios4 already on it. Will have 8,16,32,64,128 gb of storrage. Speaker on outside like iPhone and will be able to do facetime. That is my prediction.

    • Rebekah

      no to the eight megapixels. apple has always made sure that the iPod touch is an obvious step down from the iPhone, and they wouldn't want to give iPhone buyers an excuse to think twice about spending $800.
      And there won't be more room than the iPhone – the iPod has always been much slimmer than the iPhone, and I'm guessing it's about to become even more streamlined – that's the way apple like to do their stuff.
      It won't have that many choices in storage – I'm starting to think the eight gigabyte might go, what with all the new apps people will want to buy something bigger.
      I don't know what all this talk about facetime is, but all I'm going to say is that three months ago we were all wishing for a good old-fashioned camera. Since the new iPhone we've boosted up our hopes again. What's not to say there will be something completely new? Ah, but of course, we would have known it all along.

    • Guest

      Just wanted to say that it is highly unlikely that Apple will bring back the 8 gig storage size just for the 4th gen.

  • mason

    I think it would be stupid to have 3g coverage on the itouch. I mean if you going to go that far you might aswell get an iphone so that you can make calls to.

    • Brian

      you can call on the ipod touch 3rd generation. The apple headphones that have the microphone can be used with the app icall on the app store.

    • nateon

      totally agreed.

    • skwall

      you can make calls on itouch 3rd gen using Truphone app, it only works in wi-fi spots like coffee shops etc, so having 3G capabilities means u could use your itouch to place calls anywhere….awesome.

  • of course, apple is getting the last little bit out of the ipod before it dies, and is replaced by iphone.

    • Cody

      IPod will NEVER be replaced by IPhone, because there is always people who cant afford the IPhone prices and/or plans. With the IPod being sold, they will always be getting money from everyone. IPods and IPhones.

      • Jungel

        Agree completely, apple started out as a company that made great MP3 players, and they will stay that way until MP3 becomes a lot like the macbook air and windows 98. Then cloud streaming and more advanced ipad/iphone products may be cheaper and better than ipods

        • lulz

          Haha! Jungel is such a noob

        • blarg

          umm no? lmao

  • The last two years the new ipod touch has been released on september 9th, and the year before it was like two days after that. I would recommend waiting everyone, its like 2 months.

  • Dan

    I think the IPod Touch will be released in early september- late october. I don't know about the cost, But I would hope the Touch would stay in the same price range as it is in now. I think It would be worth the wait, If the new IPod Touch doesn't impress then you can still buy the 3rd Generation, and you wouldn't pay as much as you would now for it.

  • Idahoman

    Does any one have a general idea of when the new Ipod touch will be released and how much more it will cost? I'm trying to figure out if I should just buy the 3rd generation version or if it would be worth the wait.

    • DaMan

      I would recommend waiting.

    • pl0xpl0x

      I'm stuck in indecision right there with ya =

    • jess

      me too! idk whether to wait or buy, every sptember they come out with a new version so thats what im hoping

    • Carlos

      Wait a little time mor. Relases wil be in october. Be patient. However dp not expect too many new features.

      • cproductions

        it will probably come out like all ipods, on the apple-music-event-date and that is on 09/07/10!!!

    • Katie

      I just started Googling to see if there were any rumors about a new generation. I've got the first gen touch and finally want to update.. I've waited this long, I'll wait a little longer for the next version 🙂

    • guest

      well itl;l be released early september, and will most likely be the same price as the 3rd gen

    • lee

      what are you talking about it had already been releades

  • stevo

    I really don't care if the ipod has a camera. I mean that's why they sell cameras. All i'm intrested is in able to use the 3g network because wifi really sucks.

    • Polito

      wifi only sucks if youre a cheap ass and dont pay good money for high speed internet, 3g is only as fast as 7.2mbps which you will never reach anyway because there are too many people on the at&t network there isnt millions of ppl stealing your wifi connection now is there?????? dumbfuck

    • Dr. Q

      thats what you have a computer for

  • ChicagoNewf

    There are very credible rumors that the new iPod touch will have a camera. However, it will only be a 3.2 mp camera and not a 5mp like the iPhone. They want to keep the iPhone features superior as they do not want to lose their iPhone market share.

    • dude.


  • E

    It’s called an iPhone.
    Get one.

    • Dan

      (Its Called Expensive.) Even if I could pay for the phone. The data plans are crazy expensive. I would buy one if I could afford it. But the IPod Touch is a good price, and there isn't any monthly fees. So if they came out with a IPod Touch with a forward facing and rear facing camera that would be nice.

    • Jane

      AT&T isn't available everywhere, some of us don't have the iPhone option.

    • Julien

      Some of us aren't on AT&T. As soon as Verizon get its head out of his butt then we would have one.

      • Smitty

        Think before you speak. AT&T has a contract that verizon can’t get around. However, verizon is looking forward to the expiration of said contract, snag the iPhone, and AT&T will lose a ton of customers. Frankly, I prefer android. The iPod touch will allow me to have the best of both worlds.

        • dave

          I totally agree

    • ipod touch user

      the problem with an iPhone is the idea that a person must pay for data usage (3g and internet, to access emails, facebook,etc.) to the phone company. Not everyone wants to pay for that, whether they feel it's not worth it or just because they don't want to pay the expense of it… but they still want the benefits of the actual device itself. Make sense?

    • jyfkyjf

      no its called an ipod touch because you can get the text4 plus app and call people but you dont have to pay for it so no its not called an iphone its called an ipod touch

    • balls

      cannot afford

  • iphone lover

    They're not going to put a camera on the ipod touch. It will be too like the iphone and Apple wants people to buy the iphone, not the touch. If they put a camera on the touch, it will be more appealing to would-be iphone buyers. Apple wants BIG MONEY. Besides, they need some differences in their products.

    • ipod touch rocks

      yes they will it will have a 5 mp camera. Apple wants people to buy the anything they produce not just the iphone. and when the iphone comes out with verizon it wont matter they will sell out.

    • yeeewin

      you're a douche…

    • bobby

      omg you were so rong wat a shame

    • joshua

      so other words your an idiot and bought a 600 dollar iphone

    • Nicol3

      Wow. Looks like you were WRONG "iphone lover".

  • alex

    Why would apple make a ipod with mic , or include a data plan to an ipod if they already have the iphone?

    • stevo

      same as they have an ipad….ipad is not a iphone so who cares if the ipod will use 3g.

    • Chris

      They did it with the iPad, why not the iPod touch?

    • Patricia

      because some people- like me- already have a phone, and don't see the point in spending 600$ a month on a new plan for a brand new one when you don't have to pay a monthly fee for the ipods

      • Cary

        I agree, I don’t want an iPhone. The plans are rediculous, plus iPods are just better lol.

      • Tyra

        i agree..i have a phone but i pay a lot of money..but my phone comes with internet and everything when i get the i pod i dont need internet and can get a cheeper plan saves a lot of money

    • Kiddie

      bcuz some ppl like me want an ipod touch so we can use it to listen to music, to record and take pictures, play games, use other apps and go to the internet, but dont want it to use as a phone and have to pay lost $$$ , while we already have our phones…

    • Smitty

      Because AT&T is one of the worst carriers in America. I dropped more calls with AT&T than britney spears dropped her kid. I switched to verizon, and now my house no longer has dead spots. Not to mention the university campus buildings are no longer dead spots either. I don’t care if AT&T is faster or not. I prefer coverage to speed. Concerning mics, a mic would be useful for Internet voice chat. There are more uses for mics that apps can use that you might not have thought of. I had to buy an external mic to use for a chromatic tuner app.

    • SPiRiT

      the mic would be used with facetime and the data plan would be much like the one for the ipad

    • dave

      Haha the difference is that the iPhone sucks balls sack.. also maybe people don’t want to have to pay massive bills everymonth for the iPhone (which doesn’t come with a warranty, unlike the iTouch depending on where you get it) also the iTouch with a mike and a second camera would attact millions of skype users.. its actually a very smart move by apple if they were to do this

    • Hunter

      Because the iPod is better
      and u don't have 2 pay a phone bill with the iPod 4th Gen.

    • bob

      Will there be 128 GB ipod touch