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New iPhone 4 App: Dazzling Flashlight 4g

Owners of the iPhone 4 can get a really clever app that turns their device into a high powered LED flashlight. Dazzling Flashlight 4g 1.0 uses the miniature LED camera light next to the video lens to allow the user to activate the light independent of any photo or video recording.

Developed by Cramzy the app creates a handy powerful flashlight that can even add soft white light from the Retina display to further produce light in both directions. Either light source can easily be operated individually and with one tap.

The small LED light produces a surprising amount of illumination and makes it ideal for walking dark streets at night, unlocking car doors, reading street signs, and help to find your way around the house in the event of a blackout. The flashlight can supply light for hours on a full charge, and has received some good reviews in the short time since its release.

Dazzling Flashlight 4g 1.0 is on the App Store for only $0.99. iPhone 4 with iOS 4 required.



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