Final Fantasy XIV Beta: PC Release Date Live – Got a Key?

By Alan Ng - Jul 10, 2010

Have you been keeping a close eye on developments for the Final Fantasy XIV beta? If so, you’ll be very interested to know that Square-Enix has just confirmed a release date for when the closed beta will kick off on the PC.

As reported from VG247, it will actually start today – July 10th. Square-Enix informed everyone about the news on their Twitter accounts, both in Japanese and English.

With the beta due to kick off in a matter of hours, it will give Square-Enix around a month to make changes in case any bugs are found within the beta. Don’t forget that the full version for PC is expected to release on September 30th, so not much time left at all!

Not so good for PS3 users, as the game is still delayed until March at the earliest, due to ‘technical issues’ according to Square. Do you have a beta key? Let us know your impressions of the beta!

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  • Keys

    Got a new HDD too? Old HDD in a new rig is often going to nuke your new pc. I've seen footage of the game running smoothly with fraps running….check it, not normal.

  • neill

    I’m in the beta. Logged on this morning before work to try it out a little. First I should tell you I just built a new system athlon phenom 2 x6 8 gigs ram 1gig graph card. The game runs horribly.

    When ever a char enters view hard drive does a quick little load and game hiccups. So in town game is so jumping its not even enjoyable.

    I have to get out of town. I have set graphics all the way up and down to see game play. The issue is the same no matter the settings. Other issue I have had is trying to find the official forums to post the problem.

    I can tell you this if that issue continues and goes unchecked. It reminds me of ultima 9 game play horribly un polished and a death of a possible great game.

  • faye

    yay i got an email !! the eu beta doesnt start till tuesday the 13th 🙁
    cant wait thoooo