Facebook Virtual Currency: Good for Social Networking or not?

We have some interesting news for you now, especially if you are a regular user of social-networking website Facebook, as it has just been confirmed that Facebook is to partner with a Malaysian company to deliver virtual currency for Facebook across Asia.

As reported from MSN News, the move has been fronted by tycoon Vincent Tan, and the online currency will be available at the start of next month, in around 50,000 retail outlets across Asia.

It means that people who do not have access to a credit card, will be able to purchase Facebook credit at stores like 7-Eleven, to buy things like gifts and games. This will obviously be a great way for developers to boost their revenue at the same time.

Popular games such as FarmVille and Mob Wars will be included on the list of compatible titles which will accept Facebook’s virtual currency, so if you are a fan of these games – prepare to get even more addicted.

Do you think Facebook’s virtual currency is a good step forward for the social networking site or not? Give us your opinions on this.



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