Apple and AT&T iPhone Monopoly Lawsuit: Contrived?

By Peter Chubb - Jul 10, 2010

We have known since 2007 when the first iPhone was released that we were stuck in a 2-year contract with A&T. However, if after that contract period has expired those wishing to stick with Apple’s smartphone were forced to stick with the carrier – it is this that is the main focus of a monopoly lawsuit against the two companies.

iPhone customers were told that they could terminate their contract at any time, but if they wanted to stick with the iPhone – then they had no where to go. In theory they were stuck in a 5-year contract with AT&T, that’s according to Brian X. Chen from Wired.

The class-action lawsuit was originally filed in 2007 and now the plaintiffs are representing 200 million iPhone customers. As yet Apple or AT&T has failed to make any comment. Although we are certain that Verizon customers are waiting to learn of the outcome, as they have been waiting 3 years to get their hands on the number 1 smartphone.

USA Today recently reported that AT&T and Apple were signed into a 5-year contract – meaning that a possible Verizon iPhone would not come until 2012. We now wait to learn of any outcome.

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  • Peace

    Verizon needs to stop with all the crap call verizon ask them about the iPhone and they will basically say that the phone is no good simply because they don't own the rights to the iPhone why does verizon want the iPhone so bad
    I work for AT&T all I hear every day are verizon customers saying the suck there customer care sucks there phone suck AT&T is a great company to have service with I had all of the iPhones 2g 3G 3GS and know the 4g verizon isn't going to see and iPhone in a very long time get over it trust me

    • HaHa

      There is not a "4g" iPhone as you put it. For working at AT&T you would think you would know that they do not have 4g service.