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Apple and AT&T iPhone Monopoly Lawsuit: Contrived?

We have known since 2007 when the first iPhone was released that we were stuck in a 2-year contract with A&T. However, if after that contract period has expired those wishing to stick with Apple’s smartphone were forced to stick with the carrier – it is this that is the main focus of a monopoly lawsuit against the two companies.

iPhone customers were told that they could terminate their contract at any time, but if they wanted to stick with the iPhone – then they had no where to go. In theory they were stuck in a 5-year contract with AT&T, that’s according to Brian X. Chen from Wired.

The class-action lawsuit was originally filed in 2007 and now the plaintiffs are representing 200 million iPhone customers. As yet Apple or AT&T has failed to make any comment. Although we are certain that Verizon customers are waiting to learn of the outcome, as they have been waiting 3 years to get their hands on the number 1 smartphone.

USA Today recently reported that AT&T and Apple were signed into a 5-year contract – meaning that a possible Verizon iPhone would not come until 2012. We now wait to learn of any outcome.



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