YouTube Leanback: Hands-on Review

By Gary Johnson - Jul 9, 2010

We ran a story yesterday telling you about YouTube Leanback, Michael Muchmore at has written a review of the service. As you head over to the Leanback site users are not bombarded with different choices like “popular”, and “featured”, but instead are given videos based on their preferences.

At the moment Leanback is only a beta, but the reviewer says there is no indication of such. As soon as the site loads you are met with full-window video in HD that starts playing instantly. Using the arrow keys the device can be instantly controlled with VCR type features. The clips length and how far the playback is currently are shown.

The reviewer goes on to mention on how easy it is to use Leanback, but mentioned the need for a volume control, as videos vary with the level of sound, and users will have to adjust this on their own system controls. A wireless keyboard would also be a good idea so you can use the service when just relaxing on the sofa.

To read the full review click here.

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