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Red Dead Redemption: DLC release date details

Yesterday we touched on the subject of the Red Dead Redemption DLC with zombie mode, today we thought we would take a closer look at all four upcoming maps. We only have a confirmed release date for one of the new DLC pack; the other three are still to be confirmed – lets just hope that Rockstar do not keep us waiting too long.

The first of the four packs is Legends and Killers Pack and will be available for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 – release date will be in early August. This new pack offers eight new characters, active map locations, new achievements and trophies and much more. The cost will be $9.99.

The second downloadable content is the Liars and Cheats Pack, in multiplayer competitive you will now be able to attack and defend. Not only that you can also enter horse races as well as play as a hero or villain – the price is also $9.99.

The third DLC is Free Roam Pack, this little gem allows you to explore much deeper into the world that is Red Dead Redemption. You will get to see new gang hideouts, as well as take part in new challenges. As yet there is no pricing or release date details.

The final DLC is the Undead Nightmare Pack, which is the one with the zombies, which we mentioned yesterday. More details on all four DLCs can be found over at CVG.

What other packs would you like to see?



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