Playstation 4 (PS4) and Xbox 720: Release Date Predictions from Ubisoft

By Alan Ng - Jul 9, 2010

While Sony and Microsoft are definitely not ready to start discussions on their respective Playstation 4 and Xbox ‘720’ next-gen consoles, it seems that Ubisoft on the other hand are keen to get the ball rolling.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Ubisoft’s Murray Pannel, head of marketing for the UK had quite a lot to say on the current status of our home consoles, while also giving us his predictions for when new hardware will be available.

He believes that Sony and Microsoft will have their new consoles out on the market before 2013, which is obviously still 2 and a half years away. He also thinks that Move, Kinect and the Nintendo 3DS will revitalize the market and keep things fresh as we move into 2011 and the start of another major year for all three companies.

A new PS4 and Xbox by 2013 though – that is the major talking point here. Do you think his predictions are accurate, or do you believe it is too soon?

Read the full interview over at EG.

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  • jay

    is it worth me buying a 360 now, or waiting for ps4/xbox720???? HELP!!!

    • Jmcconville0

      you should buy 360 becouse to long wait

  • bigbamehunter

    ps 4 better be holograohic in nature with an additional tv component cause you cant top ps3 without it. Plus they need to continue tomake ps3 cames for at least three years after for all those who cant make the initial leap. And the idea of supporting older versions of there systems games is a no brainer from a business perspective because you keep all your older consumers aswell as steal all xbox and wii's

  • Young

    i doubt der wiil be ps4 after japan disaster plus play station just released ps move and xbox have just released kinect so think minimum 2014/2015

  • Will

    How have u already played on the xbox 720 when it is'nt even out yet

  • jaishiv

    ps3 game play shit xbox all the way and i have already played on xbox 720

  • JeSsE

    which one should i get 360 or 720! my birthdays soon and everybodys answer is different and i need to know if the 720 is coming out soon! Idont want to get the 360 if the 720 is coming out in 1 year HELP ME

  • qwerty

    ps4 will come out 2012 cause ps3 came out 2006 ps2 came out 2000 and ps1 came out 1994. Thats 6 years between each one!

  • Okadz

    Why not take full advantage of 3D and motion, instead of wearing 3D glasses to watch a tv just have 3D glasses that are the tv HD led screens for each lens, even a helmet with screens and surround speakers, xbox***/ps4console in the cabinet and the ' motion suit ' or gloves and boots utilizing kinetic/itoy or whatever for realistic motion and gunfire. Go anywhere console in a brief case.
    Now there's a further console.

  • anthony

    if u think about it 1994=PS1,2000=PS2,2006=PS3 meaning 2012=PS4

  • noyb

    i don't care which one comes out first, i'll buy them both eventually

  • jalen

    ps3 all the way xbox is for wimps ps3 is for men and wii is for little girls

  • PE Coach

    You guys are all wasting your time. Probably also play World of Warcraft, but anyhow, the point is that it does not matter what we say. They top three will not bring out anything new for years, so stop complaining. When they arrive then post, until then go out and do something positive with your time.

  • leeroy

    i would say instead of having the ps3 play ps4 games, the ps4 wont have any success. i would prefer the ps4 be able to play all games from ps1,2,3 and 4 ofcoz. then i will be the first to get it no mater how much it costs it will be worth it, and i will be having it all in 1

  • Sajid

    If the PS3 does'nt support PS4 games than i dont want the the PS4 to be released any time soon at all i simply reject the idea cause the PS3 is so expensive today so guess what will the PS4 might cost !

  • Sajid

    I have nothing against PS4 but if the PS3 dies out(meaning no new games will be released on the PS3 anymore) after PS4 comes,just like PS2, then im totally against the idea of releasing PS4 anytime soon. But if u can play PS4 games on the PS3 then im OK with it . in fact go ahed and release it this moment.
    Also,if the PS3 is this expensive right now imagine what the PS4 would cost…………………..

  • bi lly

    make it faster i am waiting

  • Max

    There won't be a 2013, so they better hurry up man.

  • Joe

    I think it's gonna be at least another 4 more years especially since Move and Kinect which comes out this month so they have to give these products time to succeed. So I say 2014-2015 will be the time frame for those consoles to come out.

  • jan

    haha so true im kinda sick of the fanboyism some people prefer xbox some like ps3 some like both i got ps3 but might get xbox this christmas 😉

    • jalen brown

      dont even waist yur time on that. ps3 is all ready better than xbox 360. the internet is free and you can connect with others for free. but xbox 360 you have to pay 4 every thing. trust me i am saving u from a horrible horrible mistake. i think the ps4 is going to look like tron mixed with the star wars holograms. the xbox 720 will be like ps3 mixed with tron. microsoft can never make anything good. sony made like 4 or 5 systems. microsoft only made like 2.

  • Justin

    I think microsoft and sony should work together on the ultimate system creating the sx1 i beleave it would be so high tech it would last for years let me know what you think…

    • Will

      NO! if Sony and Microsoft joined forces it would only create disaster, the system would be so hi-tech and smart it would learn not to take orders, then it would kill us all.

    • kirby

      i say noo cause i mean the fight between me and my friends with the xbox 360 over ps3 is way to much fun and each system has its advantages and disadvantages but if u just make one supper system it'll have alot more disadvantages and if anything just hack and play what ever u want on what ever system -____-

    • cis190

      i like the idea it I wish they would do it

  • Omar

    Idk…2011 is 3ds psp2 2011 or 2012. other systems beteen 2013-2015 but the graphics and processing of todays consoles are amazing. especially the graphics. to want new consoles is a little too pushy but on the other hand I had my 360 since 05 so something new would be pretty sweet. but just imagine the next gen's capabilities. just imagine its graphics. It would look like reality. I mean have you all played crysis or MW2 or EVEN HEAVY RAIN for ps3. Just look at how GT5 is lookin. for christ sake the nxt gen will define graphics. all they need to improve after is gameplay and interaction with the game and u have a near virtual reality machine

  • Anthony

    I would say the xbox 720 will release november 2012 and the PS4 in november 2013, or november 2014. The new nintendo system will be november 2011(highly unlikely but possible) or november 2012(more likely). PSP2 will also be released in 2012(will likely appear at E3 2011), and nintendo 3ds in 2011.

  • Dustinbray

    I think Sony and microsoft need to step up their game. The 360. And ps3 have been out for some time now. I think everyone is wanting something fresh. One new idea could start a revolution. I’m not too big on the motion capture stuff coming up but maybe xbox could make their system like a laptop or something but keep the 360s controller? Have the console and a lcd screen built together? What do you guys think? As for Sony I want the psp2 before summer 2011 and would like something amazing to happen with the ps4.

  • dooma

    The economy will have fully crashed by 2013, so there's no point in discussing it. We'll be lucky if there's still a power grid by then.

    • Eric

      hahahahaha lol lol lol rofl rofl rotlmao

    • Wait. I thought the world was going to end in 2012? =D

    • chris

      Very good point…

  • sohio

    These guys lost a ton of money this past generation and, after taking Nintendo's lead, they are all looking at how well Move, Kinect and the Wii do in the next year or so. Depending of the success of these new apps, MS and Sony will adjust their new systems as such. Right now, there is alot riding on 3D and motion control and noone wants to be the first to jump into the cold pool. Because if you're wrong, it could be billion of dollars lost and potentially the end of your games and hardware development. It boils down to this:

    Guess right, you win.
    Guess wrong, you're outta the game altogether.

    • hokr

      ok ur gay

  • robert

    Its next year 2011 october. Ps3 is hard for game developers to develop on it. Not just that ps2 slim was release one year before ps3. So there you go. Hologram disc.

    • chris

      shit your right … not you fukin retard

  • William

    I really want to know the spec for PS4. Sony focused too much on speed and HD for PS3 and I hope that Sony should focus more on “fun” rather than paper spec. 3D element should be one of the must in PS4.

  • stan

    I think everybody is wrong. 2013 will be the earliest. Most like 2015. The reason is because the graphics of the Xbox 360 and PS3 is already advanced enough. What I mean is most games don't need that high of a resolution. An example is the jump from DVD to Blu-ray is stagnant because although the resolution is better, it's not as obvious as VHS to DVD. There's a point of diminishing returns.

    • abeck

      I agree on your point stan, barely any one has support for full 1080p. A huge percent of games are only 720. The only thing they can do is make interactions in a game more intelligent.

    • Pat

      The best graphics on the 360 isnt even 720p…closer to 600p…if you think thats a good resolution your dreaming. Go look at a gaming pc and see what high resolution looks like then explain how it looks the same. Compare draw distances and then discuss how 512mb of ram is sufficient…. and comparing dvd resolution to bluray is just laughable, unless your watching movies on an old junk tube tv running 480p your blind

      • brandon

        your dead on pat

    • John

      correct mate, I think 2015 too, sony want to milk ps3 for all they can before ps4 comes out

  • Joe

    Sony keeps pushing the whole "10 year lifespan" thing…idk i would bet on sometime in 2014 at the earliest

  • Yep, well at least the trailer we had on PS4 was quite the real thing. — Although, I Keep hope for a slimmer version of xbox 360 as well.

  • SixStringer

    Everything I've been hearing is that Sony doesn't want to get caught up in the lag it experienced with the Ps3 and will release the Ps4 first…before the XBox 720 and let Microsoft do the chasing this time around.

  • Cory

    I don't know I have to wait and see what happens with the ps3 and xbox 360 because there just gettin out there and with kinect and move I think there gonna be pushin the 4 year mark because of all the things there gonna be able to do with all the new tech.

  • Cole

    Yeah I know what u mean, but I think 2012 is going to be the year, most likely PS4 a year later. Reason being is that Bungie’s next game is suppose to be 2012 and it’ll take one more yr for Sony to get up to speed.

  • Scott

    I’d expect 2013/2014 to be a reasonable deadline for New console generation, but I seriously don’t see move or kinect doing much for the Market. I expect it to be another case of midcycle peripheral failing to live up to the hype. The only thing that does worry me is if this type of control becomes common place on next gen systems. I want my dual shock to live on!!